Prayer Practices

Unceasing Prayer

Is it possible to pray unceasingly? Ordinary folk throughout the ages tell us it is. Brother Lawrence, for example, shares, “There is no mode of life in the world more pleasing and more full of delight than continual conversation with God.” But nobody can think of God all the time...

Prayer of Relinquisment

O Lord, how do I let go when I’m so unsure of things? I’m unsure of your will, and I’m unsure of myself…Is it that I might hate the very idea of letting go? Or is it that I really want to be in control? Am I afraid to give up control, afraid of what might happen? Heal my fear, Lord. How good of you to reveal my blind spots even in the midst of my stumbling attempts to pray. Thank you! How do I give up control? Jesus, teach me your way of relinquishment. 


Contemplative Prayer

In this section, we highlight Contemplative Prayer that has existed since the beginnings of Christianity. It is a prayer of deep adoration characterized by silence...