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Contemplative prayer

In this section, we highlight Contemplative Prayer that has existed since the beginnings of Christianity. It is a prayer of deep adoration characterized by silence.


In his book Prayer, Richard Foster says that “Contemplative Prayer immerses us into the silence of God… We have become, as the early Church father Clement of Alexandria, says, like old shoes – all worn out except for the tongue. We live in a wordy world with our sophisticated high-tech telecommunication system. We now have the dubious distinction of being able to communicate more and say less than any civilization in history… Progress in intimacy with God means progress towards silence. ‘For God alone my soul waits in silence’ declares the Psalmist. (Ps. 62:1) … C.S. Lewis is correct. Contemplative Prayer is for those who have exercised their spiritual muscles a bit and know something about the landscape of the spirit. In fact, those who work in the area of spiritual direction always look for signs of a maturing faith before encouraging individuals into Contemplative Prayer… What is then the goal of Contemplative Prayer? The old writers answer with one voice: union with God.”

So we encourage you to continue to preserve your intimacy with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by practising this prayer and spending time of silence and solitude with Him. Thank you for praying for us and our ministries at Christian Direction!

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