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Merry Christmas

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 November 2014 19:08

The team at Christian Direction wishes you a wonderful celebration
of the Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Here is a perfect gift for Christmas

Jenna, Smith, director of Innovation Youth, published this book in 2014. With your gift of $25 this Christmas we will send you an autographed gift of A Way – a perfect gift for a friend this Christmas. Your gift will be used for the ministry Jenna leads in downtown Montréal at Innovation Youth. (Your gift value will be $25, minus the cost of the book of $5=$20).

Gordon MacDonald, popular writer and Christian Direction American Board member wrote the forward.
Jenna dares to offer us her heart. She is not squeamish in giving us a vivid description of what a woman is likely to face during a 1,000- mile walk. The title itself warns of what might come. Things which sometimes fall below the romantic standard. Tough things, painful things, invidious things. Is there a  question any of us might want to ask that Jenna does not offer to honestly answer? Is there exhaustion, sickness, irritability, fear, loss of spirit on the Camino. Yes. Does one have to deal with marital tension, embarrassing hygiene issues, strange and tasteless people? Of course. Would one ever wish to quit, admit defeat, wonder if God has anything to do with this insane attempt to walk these distances? You bet.
– Gordon MacDonald