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Diving In the Deep End

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

A Youth Church Experience

Youth Church is a coalition of youth groups across Montreal. Teens are welcomed and served, but also empowered to serve. In the past, Youth Church hosted a teen-organized educational event called Stop the Red Light-Raising Awareness about Human Trafficking. They have also facilitated regular serving opportunities like cooking for the homeless, food transformation, and prayer walks. And during the school year, every month, Youth Church comes together for a night of worship, connection, and fun.

Every rally, without fail, the music team would skillfully lead worship. On one such occasion, I happened to notice among the musicians, there were no teenagers…yet. That sparked a question in me.

I’d never done anything like this before, but what if I joined the team?

Fast forward a month.

We gathered for a quick rehearsal before the doors opened for the rally.

All guitars were tuned, and every microphone was plugged in. The band took their places, and I confidently approached the piano.

Someone turned to me and asked,

“What if you sang a couple of songs tonight? We’ll all back you up.”

I froze in surprise. This was unexpected. Singing was fun, but I’d never led before. I almost refused, but then the question from before returned.

What if..?

Here lay an opportunity to be challenged, to grow among people rooting for me.

I was supposed to support the team, and yet, they turned to support me.

With a bit of nervousness, I nodded, and we began to rehearse the set list. When the rally began, the butterflies took flight, but suddenly, inexplicably, I felt ready. And the band held to their word. Together, we made heartfelt music. With every rally, my skills and confidence grew. I felt strong.

Youth Church provided me with a safe, empowering space to step out.

This experience still inspires me to push the limits of my comfort zone, and see how I can be a servant-leader.

-Ruth Long

Youth Church participant

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