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Christian Québecois Initiative
Against Domestic Violence

The name “Rapha” signifies healing in Hebrew.


The Rapha Project is a study of

experiences of domestic abuse and

the response of the church in Quebec.


We are convinced that to reveal is to begin to heal.


There are multiple ways to
participate in the project:

information sessions

To learn more about our project, register for an online information session on May 24th at 12pm in English, ou le 26 mai à 12h en francais.

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share your story

If you would like to share the story of how domestic abuse has touched your life, please contact

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prayer support

If you would like to support the project in prayer, you can sign up for our prayer network here.

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financial support

If you would like to financially support the project, you can donate here.

be an ambassador

If you would like to serve as a project ambassador, please fill out this form.




Information on domestic abuse and support for those experiencing domestic abuse

SOS Violence Conjugale

438-601-1211 (text only)

Free legal advice for those experiencing domestic abuse



Regroupement Québécois des Centres d’Aide et de Lutte Contre les Agressions à Caractère Sexuel


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