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Head of Outreach and Engagement

I am Jenna Smith and I was born and raised in Montreal. I work in Christian Direction’s
urban ministries as head of outreach and engagement. I am passionate about the
intersections between faith, community and urban work amongst those who live on the
margins of our society. 

For 15 years I was in field work at Innovation Youth, and during this time I saw how
those on the margins – youth, immigrants, families living under the poverty line, the
elderly – often become forgotten or overlooked in busy city life. I consider it as part of my
job to love my neighbours – ALL my neighbours – to understand them, seek them out
and to try and help them feel like they belong. Now I get to be in a ministry that
accompanies and forms my fellow Christians in local churches do the same –
understand who their neighbours are and how to best serve them. In this sense, I try to
build bridges between church, community, and city life.
I live in Verdun with my husband Nicolas and our dog Wilma.

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