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Gardener Helper

Innovation Youth

For the past several years, Innovation Youth has managed several urban agriculture sites downtown, through a program called From the Root to the City. These sites, aiming to augment green spaces in densely heated urban areas, also serve as learning gardens for youth, children, churches and families. Six young interns will work at these gardens on a weekly basis, under the supervision of the environmental educator. We are looking for a candidate who is passionate about gardening in an urban environment, who loves creation care, who is ready to learn and reflect about theological and justice-related issues to urban ministry and who is a flexible team player.


Job Posting

Time commitment  35 hours a week 

Pay scale  $16/h 

Start date  May 6, 2024  

End date   August 30th, 2023 

This summer job is offered in collaboration with Service Canada and is conditional to the provision of a federal grant. The applicant must be at least 15 years old and no more than 30 years old at the moment of hiring.


  •  Attend biweekly staff check-ins and prayer meetings, Christian Direction staff  meetings and other supplementary training 

  • Assist in planting, maintenance, and harvesting at each site, as well as keeping  track of planting seasons and calendars.  

  • Work regularly at each garden site, monitoring progress, risks, and problems. 

  • Assist in updating sun maps, soil health profiles, and site surveys for each site

  • Liaise with the Environmental Educator Consultant to host work sessions  (interns, garden club, volunteers)  

  • Create lists of tasks for each site 

  • Work with volunteers and interns in garden sites 

  • Work with the Coordinator to document best practices (general + site-specific)

  • Participate in the Urban Labs training program, a theological undergirding to urban practice 


  • Interested in/committed to being part of the program for multiple summers

  • Experience in gardening, agriculture, or similar fields (e.g., working at a nursery), an asset

  • French or English

  • Driver’s license, an asset

Context and Organisation

Christian Direction is a Christian organisation. Its vision is to see God transform all of life in urban communities by the concerted actions of committed Christians. It fulfils its vision through partnerships with churches that are committed towards their local community and doing ministries with committed Christians. Christian Direction has several ministry sites located in five boroughs in Montréal, but is also doing ministry elsewhere in Quebec. 

Innovation Youth is one of Christian Direction’s urban ministries located in Peter-McGill, on the western end of downtown Montreal. It’s mission is to offer a community space to families and youth living in or frequently visiting downtown, opening up possibilities for harmonious integration into family, social and academic life. Amongst its services, Innovation Youth offers Connections, a high school diploma program, a children’s library, urban agriculture initiatives, community development and food autonomy programs.

Please submit your CV and cover letter to Carole Tapin at no later  than April 22nd, 2024.





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