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Connections Program Coordinator

My name is Daniel Poenaru and I have the privilege of working as the Connections Program Coordinator at Innovation Youth. I am passionate about stories - both real and imagined, have had the opportunity to travel all over the world, love trying new food from different cultures, and can do a surprisingly good cartwheel! 


While being Montréal-born, growing up in East Africa and working abroad in Europe has made defining home difficult. However, I have come to truly see Montréal as a place to call home and deeply desire to invest in helping to bring God's transformation to this city and its communities. 


Using my background in education, I manage our high school accreditation program, which seeks the growth and empowerment of students whose needs were not met by traditional schooling. My job as the Connections coordinator allows me to genuinely invest in our students’ lives, and I love the holistic approach we take towards growing individuals, not just students. These young adults are bursting with potential! All they need is a second chance to break the mold they have felt trapped in by traditional education and the opportunity to redefine what success looks like for themselves.

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