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Youth worker

My name is Arralda Magloire and I started working at Christian Direction last January (2021). Up until then, I had not heard about this organization. I am impressed by its commitment towards communities and its determination to make the love of Jesus shine. Their incredible work meets the needs of different communities. I am proud to contribute to the life of one of them, as I am a worker in the Entr’Ados programme (for the youth of 12-17 years old). Programmes (i.e. Financial Capability), educational activities, cooking workshops, and even tutoring are offered.


I feel honored to have the privilege of investing my life in the lives of adolescents. I truly want God to use me to have an impact in their lives and to pour His endless love into them. I want to be intentional in the way I interact with them and how I sow words of life in them despite the condition they might be in. I want to be a person of reference they turn to when they need someone and a supporter of the people that surround them to ensure their growth. Sometimes, a single word can change the course of one’s life.

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