Church-Community Organizer

I joined the ministry of Christian Direction in 1983 and have served in many different
capacities, always under the same vocation: to make disciples of Jesus Christ
and to work as an agent of reconciliation for people with God, with one another and with
their environment in an urban setting.

Since 2007, I have served as a sustainable development coordinator in the Hochelaga-
Maisonneuve borough of Montreal. This is a complex neighbourhood, poor by
every definition, and rich in its spirit of mutual aid, in the arts and in urban agriculture.
My team and I have launched several programs to increase the peace and well-being of
young people and their families from a Christian perspective: Camp SonArt (2009-2019)
Entr’Ados (2009), Financial Capability through micro-entreprises (Choco-HochMa 2010,
Soupe Parenfants 2011-2014, and La Gang du jardin Entr’Ados, 2012). The Financial
Capability model for teens has been recognized as unique in its ability to augment their
ability in handling finances, their confidence in social settings and their academic

By participating as a member of the social service network and serving the
Churches, Parishes and missional community groups as a resource, I seek to connect
these different networks to help respond to the needs of the populations and expand the
impact of different initiatives in the neighbourhood. Our team see ourselves as “the Bible
that people read and the Jesus that they meet”.

In 2016, Sandy was recognized as one of the 100 Women Builders of the community for