The "Throw & Grow" Kingdom

Several summers ago, I participated in an urban gardening project, where I was first exposed to “Throw & Grow” gardening. We learned how to make “seed balls,” some fertile soil and wildflower seeds rolled into balls. These potent packets of beauty could be sown in any bare patch of dirt in the city and would fill otherwise unused space with opportunity for growth and beauty.

This has remained the most vivid image of God’s Kingdom to me. Our created world (earth), once integrated with the Creator’s world (heaven), has become dis-integrated through sin, and requires re-integration with God’s world. This is why we pray, “Father let your kingdom come... on earth as it is in heaven.” The mission of God is not to abandon our world, but to redeem and renew it.

Today, we see evidence of brokenness and the need for healing all around us. COVID-19, climate change, social and political upheaval. How could we possibly shift enough for our world to be “heavenly” as it was intended to be? What would it take for God to renew this earth, to redeem our collective stories, to restore relationships, to repair broken systems and structures?

Jesus gave us the secret in a story of a tiny mustard seed. The entire load of DNA for a thriving mustard tree was delivered in the package of a tiny seed. The message conveyed is that God’s Kingdom will grow wildly among us, through the small and seemingly insignificant seeds sown as acts of faithful resistance. We are guerrilla gardeners of God’s kingdom with seed bombs of goodness, beauty, and justice!

In this newsletter, we have worked to share with you stories of these seeds, cast into our city through amazing summer employees and interns. We are amazed and inspired at what we see, evidence of God’s kingdom taking root in front of our eyes.

- Tim Keener, executive director

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