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Stories of Transformation

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

In our summer Urban Labs, we have been talking about pathways to move from rivalry to peace making. The young adults in this community of practice grappled with the question “What rivalries do I carry in my heart that keep me from practicing peace?” If we want to see a decline in violence in our cities, we need to confess that our actions don’t always reflect the peace that we desire.

Christa, Jacynthe and Khrystelle facilitate these conversations with young adults engaging them in their own formation. It is a generative process of rooting the entire summer experience in the formation of a sustainable theological framework for urban mission praxis.

Khrystelle said it well, “We are forming young practitioners to see the city with a new perspective so they can see abundance and peace where most people see sorrow.”Contemplative activists have the ability to hold things in tension, they are slow to judge and they act in a non-compulsive way, imitating Christ. We are learning as a community of practitioners to imitate Christ alone because there is no rivalry in Him. Christ is the essence of urban transformation!

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