Looking ahead...

This fall our Preaching Peace table begins its third season. A small group of urban preachers gather together to ask the same question every week, “How would I preach this gospel passage to proclaim peace.” We have seen participants find camaraderie and encouragement. And we have experienced the challenge, brokenness, and faith required to engage the issue of peace-making as a fundamental aim of preaching and urban ministry.

This fall we are taking a bold step forward and extending our Preaching Peace initiative to a Practicing Peace initiative for local churches. Practicing Peace is designed to extend this missional question to the local church, “How would we, as a local community of faith, practice peace in our neighbourhood?” As our city grows and changes, there are new needs and opportunities for leaders and churches to practice peace and live out the Gospel of reconciliation.

Do you know of a church leader who would benefit from Preaching Peace or a congregation who would be inspired by Practicing Peace? Do you know of a young adult who should know about our Urban Lab? Send us a note at today!

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