A word from our Executive Director

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Something has changed. And everything is now different. This is the reality of Covid-19. As our communities move through deconfinement, you can sense a collective, “Now what?” And, in our new normal, we’re seeing important needs emerging, particularly in the area of mental health. According to a recent study 1/3 of adolescents are experiencing increased distress during confinement, notably with symptoms of: depression, isolation, lack of confidence, stress, and anxiety.

In this critical time, it is particularly hard to draw close! Nonetheless we are working to be present, and to be close to people in their needs. I’m reminded of the early church and their new normal, post-Pentecost. Their spirituality and social action were driven by presence and proximity. God’s Spirit, which cannot be confined, empowered a radical witness of God’s reconciling work.

Christian Direction wants to inform, inspire, and engage the Church, to be there too, for our neighbours and for our communities.

Tim Keener

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