Community Engagement Agent

My name is Patricia Quintard and I joined Christian Direction in 2017, after participating
in the activities of Entr’Ados in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve as a volunteer for three years.
Initially, hired as the Financial Capability Project Coordinator, I managed a programme
of microenterprises designed for adolescents in the boroughs of Hochelaga-
Maisonneuve and Saint-Laurent.

However, I felt the call of God to devote myself exclusively to the residents in Saint-
Laurent. Thus, I put all my energy into serving youth within the financial education
programme through two microenterprises. I also established a cooking workshop
project for women. It’s a real privilege to support immigrants, the vast majority of
whom are newly-arrived in Canada. I love to see God at work to transform our hearts. I
am called to support women on their journey of reconciliation, recovering from past

God is again calling me to the new ministry of promoting community engagement to
local churches in Saint-Laurent and supporting them. I will encourage the Christian
community to contribute to the well-being of the Saint-Laurent residents by fostering a
missionary vocation within the city. I am grateful to God for this wonderful challenge of
uniting Christians around the theme of urban mission, even local, working as one for

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