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Library Technician

Innovation Youth

The vision of the Innovation Youth Children’s Library is to offer children the space and  resources for expression, exploration, and skills-building within a supportive community centred framework. This person will run the summer library programs, including French learning (both for pre-school children and grade-school children). 


Job Posting

Hours  35 hours/week

Pay scale  $16/h (includes increase in minimum wage as of May 1st, 2024)

Start date  May 6th, 2024 

End date  August 23th, 2024 

This summer job is offered in collaboration with Service Canada and is conditional to the provision of a federal grant. The applicant must be at least 15 years old and no more than 30 years old at the moment of hiring.


  • Help maintain the Library collection: reshelve books, edit catalogue entries, label and cover books, repair books, update book displays.

  • Assist patrons during library hours to borrow/return books and find books in the collection; addnew patrons to the Library system; and note any requested books and communicate with the library coordinator.

  • Attend biweekly staff check-ins and prayer meetings, Christian Direction staff meetings and othersupplementary training

  • Participate in program evaluation meetings

  • Help with set-up/take-down of physical space

  • Collaborate with the Environmental Educator to plan and animate Garden Club activities

  • Help plan and run a 6-week Mini-Camp, focusing on French-learning

  • Help plan, implement and evaluate, in collaboration with a community organisation, a gross-motor based program for toddlers


  • Bilingual in French and English (spoken and written)

  • Experience animating programs for children

  • Comfort working within a team environment

Context and Organisation

Christian Direction is a Christian organisation. Its vision is to see God transform all of life in urban communities by the concerted actions of committed Christians.  It fulfils its vision through partnerships with churches that are committed towards their local community and doing ministries with committed Christians. Christian Direction has several ministry sites located in five boroughs in Montréal, but is also doing ministry elsewhere in Quebec. 

Innovation Youth is an urban ministry located in Peter-McGill, on the western end of downtown Montreal. Its mission is to offer a community space to families and youth living in or frequently visiting downtown, opening up possibilities for harmonious integration into family, social and academic life. Amongst its services, Innovation Youth offers Connections, a high school diploma program, a children’s library, urban agriculture initiatives, community development and food autonomy programs. 

Please submit your CV and cover letter to Carole Tapin at no later than April 22nd, 2024.





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