Francisation Program Facilitator

Innovation Youth

This role exists to promote social and linguistic integration for children  ages 3-14 who attend or are preparing to start school in French by offering  French as a Second Language (FSL) programming within Innovation Youth  Children’s Library.

Innovation Youth Children’s Library operates under Innovation Youth,  which is one of Christian Direction’s urban ministries located in Peter-Mcgill  district. The vision of the Innovation Youth Children’s Library is to offer children  the space and resources for expression, exploration, and skills-building within a  supportive community-centred framework. Our programming focuses on  developing children’s literacy, social, and practical skills within peer-groups, while  engaging the participation of families and partners in the neighbourhood.


The Francisation Program Facilitator reports to  the Children’s Library coordinator.

Job Posting

Job Title – Francisation Program Facilitator  

Projected Starting Date – September 13th, 2021  

Work Schedule – 25hr/week; must be available Mondays to Thursdays (3-6pm)  & Saturday mornings; 1 year contract with possibility of renewal

Salary – $18/hr 

Location – Innovation Youth Children’s Library 

General Responsibilities  

▪ Attending weekly staff check-ins and prayer meetings, Christian Direction  staff meetings and other supplementary training.  

▪ Support Christian Direction team fundraising efforts.


Specific Responsibilities  

▪ Plan and animate fun and educational activities in French for the library’s  afterschool program for children ages 6-12, and a weekly session for pre kindergarten children ages 3-5.  

▪ Develop a rubric, in collaboration with the library coordinator, school, and  parents, to assess the participants’ academic and social development  through the programs. 

▪ Offer workshops, in collaboration with the library coordinator, to  participants’ parents covering topics such as the Quebec school system  and welcome class, how to support learning at home, neighbourhood  resources for families, etc.  

▪ Help maintain the Library collection: reshelve books, edit catalogue  entries, label and cover books, repair books, update book displays,  ∙ Assist patrons during library hours to borrow/return books and find  books in the collection; add new patrons to the Library system; and  note any requested books and communicate with the library  



Qualifications, Education, and experience required  

▪ Bilingual, fluent in French and comfortable working in English  ∙ Experience animating programs for children  

∙ Experience in French as a Second Language (FSL) instruction (asset)  ∙ College/University-level education in a related field  

▪ Must be comfortable working within a team environment


Other Requirements  

Christian Direction is a registered Christian charity and recognized religious order  in Quebec. The appropriate Candidate wil also meet the following requirements: 


▪ Committed to Christ and who affirms the Nicene Creed. 

▪ Committed to a life animated by the Spirit and spiritual disciplines  (i.e. community, simplicity, and witness).  

▪ Strong sense of vocation and integration of faith and work. 

▪ Team player and team builder, participating in the life and spirituality of the  team.  

Please send your CV and a Cover Letter





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