Communications Agent

My name is Jeyruska Baravetto and I joined Christian Direction in 2017 as the
Childhood & Youth Mobilization Agent at the Innovation Youth Centre. Within my
role, I was able to complete projects for youth and their families in the Peter-
McGill neighbourhood. I also gained skills in the management of social media and
content creation. This is why after my maternity leave, and with the approval and
recommendation of my team, I decided to redirect my line of work to the area of
Presently, I can see that I am not only making a difference in the way Christian
Direction is communicating its ministries, but also in how people understand
Christianity. Indeed, that it be through our urban agriculture program, our
collective kitchens with youth or our delivery services of food to seniors and
vulnerable families downtown, we show to the community that the love of God
goes beyond some of their preconceived ideas. My biggest pleasure in my role is
that I can bring to light these initiatives and transform little by little the collective
vision of what it is to “Christians in action”.