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Coordinator of the urban agriculture program From the Root to the City

My name is Jessica Stilwell. After wearing several hats at the Innovation Youth centre
since starting as a summer staff member in 2015, I currently coordinate the urban
agriculture program “From the Roof to the City”. My calling is to the unsettling work of
reconciliation between all parts of creation, from soil microorganisms to people!


My practical work with Christian Direction focuses on the transformation of soil through
regenerative agricultural techniques developed and taught by Black and Indigenous
farmers, the transformation of the neighbourhood through the cultivation of healthy and
culturally-relevant food (and beautiful ornamental plants that feed the eyes and heart!),
and the transformation of relationships between members of the family of creation
through learning, dialogue, and mutual care. I also develop liturgy, working with different
theologies of creation care to craft both textual and physical prayers and prayer spaces.