Entr'Ados's Coordinator

My name is Caroline Nantel and I joined the team of Christian Direction in September 2014. Before joining this organisation, I truly appreciated the work it did and the care it took to incarnate the love of Jesus in a creative and relevant way in the city. Since I joined, I have the privilege of working at the peace and well-being of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve by ministering to adolescents aged between 12 and 17 years old. I do this by participating through various committees of the neighbourhood round table and taking part in the activities of Carrefour Parenfants. 


As coordinator of the Entr’Ados programme, I have the privilege of supporting a dozen teenagers in their crucial years in high school. Surrounded by a great team of volunteers, we reach out to them with Financial Capability programmes, educational activities, cooking workshops, or tutoring services four nights a week. I see myself as a sower. My task is to offer them programmes that are contexts which allow me to sow seeds in the lives of these young people. As I am part of their daily routines, I have the possibility of sowing seeds at the level of their school life, social life, emotional life, and family life. As in a garden, the growth is slow, it is full of challenges and surprises. God alone knows what the harvest will look like, but knowing Him, it will certainly be better than what I can imagine!